Multi-Home Azure Log Analytics with SCOM, Custom Logs

You may already know that you can multi-home Azure Log Analytics Agents. However did you know that you can multi-home them when one of your Log Analytics sources is a SCOM Management Server? Yes you can. As well as any custom logs you create, you can simply add extra keys and workspace IDs to your …

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Creating Custom Azure Log Analytics Logs

azure log analytics

Azure Log Analytics has the ability to monitor a lot of technologies via the many solutions you can add to the service. However, what if you want to log something that isn’t available as a solution? Azure Log Analytics includes a REST API that you can post logs to. Using the the REST API will …

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Automate Windows Service Monitors in SCOM


Monitoring Windows services in SCOM is a vital part of any SCOM deployment. In this post I will show you how you can automate the creation of SCOM windows service monitors. The first thing you’ll need is Tao Yang’s OpsMgr SDK which I initially spoke about here. The next thing you’ll need is, is the …

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SCOM Certificate for Gateways & Untrusted Servers

To monitor untrusted servers or to use a Gateway server in SCOM we need a certificate to successfully communicate with these servers. So, we need to create one specifically for this purpose. The certificate we will create in this blog works with both unstrusted servers not in a DMZ. As well as with SCOM Gateways …

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