Enable Azure ARC Machines with Windows Admin Center

Azure ARC is a new service from Microsoft announced at Ignite 2019. The service promises the ability to use the same Azure management tools to manage and monitor your on-prem workloads or even in another cloud. At present Azure ARC Machines is in preview and limited to Guest Configuration and Monitoring. That said, if you’ve …

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How to find Azure Log Analytics Keys

azure log analytics

This post is now dated, I have created a new one with the latest information here https://www.systemcenterautomation.com/2020/08/log-analytics-keys/   When using Azure Log Analytics, whether its adding agents to the workspace, or accessing the REST API, you need two things to perform these tasks. The Customer ID, often called the Workspace ID and the Shared Key …

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Send OMS Search Results to Azure Automation: The Easy Way

A few weeks ago the Operations Management Suite (OMS) product team announced that you could include search results in webhook payloads. Article here. This is really useful if you are into automation and specifically Azure Automation. It is now much easier in my opinion to get pertinent data to Azure Automation from OMS when you …

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