Upgrade your Hyper-V Lab with Servermonkey


It might be time to upgrade your Hyper-v Lab. Surely you’re not still using the same hardware for your lab from 4 years ago, right? If you’re at all like me, you need a lab to test and play with new technologies. This means periodically upgrading your hardware. This can be an expensive proposition, especially …

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SCOM HTML5 Dashboards: SquaredUp vs SCOM 1801 Dashboard

With the release of SCOM 1801, Microsoft has released a full HTML5 dashboard for SCOM. There are no more dependencies on silver-light. So how does the new dashboard compare to third party SCOM HTML5 dashboards? full disclosure: I have used SquaredUp for years in lab and production environments. I have recommended it to several clients …

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Enable Nested Virtualization in Hyper-V

enable nested virtualization

One of my favorite new features added in Hyper-V 2016, was nested virtualization. Nested virtualization is a great feature for labs or demo environments, but also Hyper-V containers. It’s also useful for running the Azure Stack Development Kit. I’ll show you how you can quickly enable nested virtualization in Hyper-v using Powershell. Note, the only …

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VEEAM Hyper-V Managment Pack for SCOM 2012

Are you using Hyper-V 2012? If yes then you you’ll likely want VEEAM Hyper-V Management Pack, to monitor your Hyper-V environment. Otherwise, you’re missing out.Disclaimer: I am just a user of the management pack, I am not affiliated with VEEAM in anyway and received nothing for writing about them, I just really like the management …

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