Enable Nested Virtualization in Hyper-V

One of my favorite new features added in Hyper-V 2016, was nested virtualization. Nested virtualization is a great feature for labs or demo environments, but also Hyper-V containers. It’s also useful for running the Azure Stack Development Kit. I’ll show you how you can quickly enable nested virtualization in Hyper-v using Powershell. Note, the only way to enable it is with Powershell.

Set-VMMemory -VMName 'yourvmname' -DynamicMemoryEnabled $false

Set-VMProcessor -VMName 'yourvmname' -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true

Get-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName 'yourvmname' | Set-VMNetworkAdapter -MacAddressSpoofing on

And that’s it. I also made this video demoing how to enable nested virtualization. Let me know what you think.