Upgrade your Hyper-V Lab with Servermonkey

It might be time to upgrade your Hyper-v Lab. Surely you’re not still using the same hardware for your lab from 4 years ago, right? If you’re at all like me, you need a lab to test and play with new technologies. This means periodically upgrading your hardware. This can be an expensive proposition, especially when considering new hardware. However, why not consider refurbished equipment? I would like to introduce you to servermonkey.com. When I was looking for some more ram for my lab, one module of 32gb ECC ram was over $250 bucks, and if you want say 128gb of RAM that adds up real quick.

I hopped on over to Servermonkey and started looking at refurbished Dell pizza boxes. I ended up getting a Dell R610 with two Xeons and 128gb of RAM(I’ve since upgraded to a dell R910) for roughly $1000 after taxes. I now in effect, have numerous possibilities in my lab, between Azure Stack, System Center & Windows Azure Pack, and even more possibilities like virtual Hyper-V hosts. As well as linking my on prem lab with Azure, just like a hybrid cloud scenarios I see in most of my clients infrastructure.

The hardware comes with warranty just like any new hardware you would purchase. They’re customer service is excellent and responsive. When I wanted to pick up the server locally, that was no problem.


talk to Moby Azubuko and tell him I sent you and he’ll hook you up.


Disclaimer: I am not receiving anything for writing this, I was just very happy with the product and service and I am happy to support a local Houston company.

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