Upgrade your Hyper-V Lab with Servermonkey


It might be time to upgrade your Hyper-v Lab. Surely you’re not still using the same hardware for your lab from 4 years ago, right? If you’re at all like me, you need a lab to test and play with new technologies. This means periodically upgrading your hardware. This can be an expensive proposition, especially …

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Installing Powershell Modules on Servers with no Internet

Recently I was trying to install the Powershell ISE SMA Addon on our server that will serve as our development server for our SMA Runbooks. The problem is that the server doesn’t have any internet access. Normally you could do Install-module -name SMAAuthoringtoolkit and Powershell would go and get it for you, however this doesn’t …

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Orchestrator and Powershell: Get Server Services

I was once asked by a coworker if I had an automation filter in my head that I ran my emails through, after I proposed a solution in Orchestrator to a problem we had. After thinking about it, I’m pretty sure I do!Anyway, we were recently tasked with documenting all our service accounts on all …

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