Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Search is Case Sensitive

This is more of a note to self blog post, but Operations Management Suite (OMS) log search is case sensitive. If you are new to OMS, like I am, this may help save you some time.


If you type in the log search “Type=perf” you get the following result: Unknown type ‘perf’

 You actually get a different error with “type=Perf”
The correct way, upper case for each word: “Type=Perf” and you can see I get 61k results from my 5 server lab.
If you move on to actual search queries, every first character before the | “select” needs to be upper case. If you miss one, the whole command will fail. On the plus side, while every first character after “select” also has to be uppercase it doesn’t kill the whole command. For instance, see below, the results are missing “computer.”

but “computer” is back when I fix it.

Its not a big deal, but for someone like me who already makes enough typos, clicking the shift button that often makes me more prone to typos. I’m sure there’s probably a technical reason for this that I am not aware of, but at least if this post can save someone some time then it was worth it.