PowerShell: Enable Hyper-V De-Duplication

Enabling data de-duplication can have a sizeable impact on your used storage space. But did you also know that enabling de-duplication is currently a recommended best practice for general purpose Hyper-V hosts? Follow along and I’ll show you how to enable Hyper-V de-duplication using only PowerShell. If you are unfamiliar with installing Windows Features with …

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PowerShell Remoting is not a Vulnerability

Dear security experts, PowerShell is not a vulnerability, in fact its your friend in keeping environments secure. I know it can be scary cause PowerShell is pretty damn powerful, but disabling remote PowerShell is not the answer. Whats this all about? In December I received an email about changes to an environment I help manage. …

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Using Powershell Variables HyperV Powershell Direct

enable nested virtualization

Another new feature I love in Hyper-V 2016, like nested Virtualization, is Powershell Direct.  Powershell Direct allows you to connect to HyperV VMs directly through the Virtual Machine Bus. You use the same commands you normally use for Powershell remoting. Which are Invoke-Command and Enter-PSSession. To run these commands you need administrator credentials on the …

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