Free Business Continuity Version of SquaredUp for SCOM

SquaredUp is offering a 6 month business continuity license. With almost the entire business world working remotely this has put extra stress on our IT systems. Stress that was likely never planned for. Now more than ever we need top notch monitoring of our systems. SquaredUp provides an immense add-on value to System Center Operations Manager

What this means for you, if like me you are never in a position to decide what IT spends its money on, despite SquaredUp’s perfectly reasonable pricing, this is your chance to grab a free license and show the value of SquareUp to your management.

Full disclosure, in case you missed the ad to the right, SquaredUp does sponsor my blog. However, I have a been a big fan of SquareUp before they ever knew I existed. And would continue to recommend them even if they weren’t sponsoring my blog.

Here are the features they’re including in the license.

Features include:

  • Full SCOM integration: dashboard all availability and infrastructure monitoring from any management pack
  • Enterprise Application Monitoring: configure URL, TCP/IP and PowerShell-based availability monitoring of applications using SCOM
  • Open Access: publish secure, scalable, read-only dashboards to anyone in the organisation
  • Embeddable: publish to SharePoint and other portals that support embeddable HMTL content
  • Mobile support: responsive HTML5 web interface for access from any device
  • Integrations: extend your dashboards with data from ServiceNow, Azure Log Analytics and App Insights and more

Register to get your license at SquaredUp’s website.