Azure Automation Update Management Workbook

Are you using Azure Automation Update Management? If not why not? It’s free for your Azure VMs. You can also use the Log Analytics portion by itself to track Update status. That said, the default dashboards are just OK, but are impossible to use with multiple subscriptions. Especially if you have multiple Log Analytics workspaces …

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Must Install Azure Monitor Solutions

In our Log Analytics workspace under the Azure Monitor umbrella, we have a number of predefined monitoring solutions. These are some of the ones I would consider to be a no-brainer installs in any Log Analytics workspace. The only reason really, to not install them would be if you’re simply not using the related product. …

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Using Azure Log Analytics Distinct Operator

azure log analytics

This post is aimed at beginners with Azure Log Analytics. I’ll be discussing how you can use the Azure Log Analytics Distinct operator when you query data in your Log Analytics workspace. The Distinct operator is useful when you want to DE-duplicate your data. Or if you want to generate a report, or finding how …

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