Building JSON Payload in Powershell

When we’re building JSON payload in Powershell, there are a number of things to consider. What are our object types in Powershell? How to combine multiple Powershell Objects to one JSON object? How is the API going to read and parse that payload? For the purposes of this post I’ll be demoing against the Log …

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POST to Cosmos DB REST API with Powershell

A Cosmos DB post? Yea, a Cosmos DB post. A while back in the start of my Powershell and APIs series I mentioned I may try to post data to Azure Cosmos DB REST API with Powershell. So, here we are. What is Cosmos DB From Microsoft: Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model …

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Creating Custom Azure Log Analytics Logs

azure log analytics

Azure Log Analytics has the ability to monitor a lot of technologies via the many solutions you can add to the service. However, what if you want to log something that isn’t available as a solution? Azure Log Analytics includes a REST API that you can post logs to. Using the the REST API will …

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