SCCM Task Sequence Error 0x8007002

I was recently tasked with re-mediating a ConfigMan issue for a client. The problem was that techs at our (Insight’s) Integration Labs, which are awesome by the way, could not image a machine with the clients Distribution Point in ConfigMan. They were getting error 0x8007002 in the Task Sequence, but there was literally no errors or warnings in the SMSTS.log file.

So after verifying the Network Access Account was working correctly, I took a look at the boundary’s. I pinged the DP at the Labs and cross referenced it’s IP with the boundary IP Range listed in the boundary group for our DP. Turns out the client gave the previous consultant the wrong boundary information, compounding that is that the DP wasn’t built and shipped till after the initial deployment so no one could test with it anyway. I changed it to the correct boundary and had the techs test again, it worked.

There are many things that 0x8007002 could be, but don’t forget to check your boundaries. Johan Arwidmark has a great blog post on some other things that error could be. You can find it here.

Seriously though, check out Insights Integration Labs.