Azure Monitor SQL Insights Workbook

Today I have a workbook long in the making. This workbook is for Azure SQL DBs, SQL DW and Elastic Pool servers. This is my most in depth Azure Monitor workbook to date and brings in Metrics and Logs in from across your Azure SQL resources. I’ve said a few times on twitter that if you’re making workbooks that just have summarized data in them then you’ve just made another dashboard, this is the workbook to show the power of what workbooks can do.

This workbook is massive, almost 5000 lines of JSON.


For Metrics we’re bringing in SQL Elastic Pool server metrics (not pictured) and then for Data Warehouse and DBs we’re bringing DTU/CPU/Query Metrics with heatmaps. Shoutout to Danni Juhl for helping out with the screen shots. I don’t have any SQL DBs to show the workbook with.

Azure Monitor SQL Workbook

Azure Monitor SQL Workbook

Azure SQL Logs

For the Azure SQL Logs, for both Data Warehouse/Synapse and DBs you get a summary count of the amount of logs in that category. Each tile is selectable, and exports a parameter for that Category, to the text and widget below. The widget will then load with logs for that Category.

Azure Monitor SQL Workbook

For Errors and Deadlocks, if you select a log file in that widget it will load further information. For Deadlocks it should get you the exact TSQL Statement that was run.



Like all my Workbooks the parameters are dynamic. If you are new to Workbooks I’ve put together a video on how to build them. If you’re not new to Workbooks but are new to my blog I have the following Workbooks for you to use on my github.

You can find this one here.