Orchestrator: How to pass published data between runbooks

This is a quick one and fairly easy for anyone that has been using Orchestrator for any length of time. However, for new users this isn’t very self explanatory as it doesn’t work quite how you think it would especially the Return Data activity.

So if we invoke a runbook that has no published data in the Initialize Data activity this is what we see.

We then add SCObjectGUID to the Initialize Data activity and check the runbook back in, this is key as the invoking runbook wont know about it until it is checked back in.

We now see that we can pass data to the runbook via SCObjectGUID.

How bout for Return Data? When you first drag the activity into your runbook, this is what you see.

Until you go to the runbook name, right click and go to properties.

Add your Return Data field under returned data, in this case SCObjectGUID.

We now see under the Return Data activity we have the option to return SCObjectGUID back to the initial runbook.

 Fairly straight forward, I hope someone finds this helpful.